• Minimum age is 16

  • As this is a pre-season tournament, players don't need to be registered at the team they play for at KSÍ

  • A list of players (name, number on jersey and kennitala) will be given to the referee before each game


  • 11 aside football rules of FIFA apply

  • Each team can have 18 players and 7 substitutes on each game

  • The number of changes is unlimited

  • The playtime is 2×45 minutes

  • Teams that are not ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled time will lose the game 3-0

  • It’s banned to use metal studs on synthetic surface

  • All matches are played with ball of size 5 

  • Player who gets two yellow or one red card isn’t allowed to play the consecutive match

  • Every player plays at his/her own risk

  • Respect the basic rule: FAIR PLAY


  • The tournament consists on a "league" phase where all the teams play 1 game against each team in the group

  • In this league the teams get 3 points for winning and 1 point for draw

  • If two or more teams have the same number of points at the end of the league these values will apply to decide the positions:

    •  1.- The team with a higher positive number of goals (goals scored minus goals received (goal average)

    •  2.- In case of same goal average, the team with more goals scored

    •  3.- In case of same number of goals scored, the team that won the direct game

    •  4.- In case of exceptional need, a penalty shoot-out will be held


  • Dómgæsla verður með hefðbundnu sniði. Lið sem skrá sig til leiks þurfa að skaffa Heimavöll og línuvörðum sjálfir á sína heimaleiki, rétt eins og með Lengjubikarinn.